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Don't just take my word for it; delve into these testimonials and hear about real stories of success and transformation from those who've experienced my consulting, sales or leadership trainings and workshops firsthand.
Jack van Eijk
Jack van Eijk
Leader Professional Services EMEA
"I ordered and participated in the PS Leaders Academy training program designed and delivered by Andy Faltinek. This program was a great help for our PS management team. I'm happy to share my experience and the impact it had on our team.

Andy impressed us with his in-depth understanding of our industry and the specific challenges faced by our PS managers. His extensive background, having worked in various roles within data centers and technology companies, made him a trusted advisor who spoke our language and related to our experiences.

What sets Andy apart is his ability to bridge the gap between theory and practical application. He didn't just offer a one-off training; instead, he provided a comprehensive, long-term program spanning 5 months. The virtual format using Zoom made it accessible and convenient for all participants, although some participants would have preferred face-to-face meetings. As I believe remote trainings will continue, with a mix of in-person and remote sessions in the future I’d like to add that I've never experienced a 4-hour Zoom training as engaging and focused as Andy's interactive multimedia approach, setup, and energy level – it was truly unique.

These were the program's five tailor-made interconnected modules approaching our leadership development:

Leadership Reflections and Basics Toolset
The foundations of leadership, various management styles, and fine-tuning on our communication tool set.

The Manager as Coach
Emphasizing coaching as a management tool, we were encouraged to be better listeners, avoid "adding too much value," and empower team members to find their own solutions.

Leading PS at NetApp
This module was particularly valuable as it helped us navigate the intricacies of our company, align with sales, and plan for our team's growth and development.

Managing Myself
Encouragement to maintain a healthy work-life balance, say "no" when necessary, and identify our inner values, this self-awareness had an impact on our effectiveness as leaders as well.

Managing Change and Transformation
Reflections on embracing change, communicating effectively during transformations, and understanding the role of culture in our organization.

Each module combined presentations, workshops, discussions, role-plays, and real-world case studies. The follow-up sessions allowed us to share our experiences, challenges, and best practices, fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment. I personally, and some participants too, would have loved to see even more room for discussion and breakout sessions, which might have engaged my coworkers and myself even more.

The PS Leaders Academy training program was a resounding success for my team. It enhanced leadership skills and strengthened our team's cohesion and effectiveness.

I wholeheartedly recommend Andy's program to any organization looking to empower its leaders and drive positive change."
René Princz-Schelter
René Princz-Schelter
VP Techn. Sales & Services EMEA
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.
"Without investment, there can be no returns! Those who wish for their employees to continuously succeed in a rapidly changing world must also invest in them and provide opportunities for growth and change – beyond technical training. I searched long and hard for sales training and coaching tailored to my Presales organization and was delighted to be approached by someone who specializes in the unique needs of Presales.

My goal is to sharpen awareness within my teams regarding market changes and the transformations that our customers and their customers are undergoing. True value that positively impacts a customer's business can only be created today by thoroughly understanding their requirements in all their facets. This necessitates suitable tools for Presales.

Technical presentations alone no longer suffice – less talking, better questioning, delving into the core issues, and deriving better advice from these insights are the key components here. With Andreas Faltinek, we had a trainer and coach who thoroughly prepared through discussions with management, sales, marketing, and product experts.

In highly engaging training sessions, he merged sales aspects, his Presales experience, rhetoric, and excellent instructional design into a concept that received top marks from our participants. Special mention should also be made of the daily reinforcement following the training.

We will be rolling out further training sessions with, and we plan to offer the same to our partners."    
Marta Kunert
Marta Kunert
EMEA Program Manager
​"I had the pleasure of working with Andreas on my most strategically significant NetApp project. This initiative focused on supporting the corporation's transformation from a storage provider to a cloud-driven software company.

In terms of first-line management, the goal was to cultivate or enhance leadership qualities that would empower our target audience to lead, understand, inspire, coach, challenge the status quo, and ultimately achieve the expected outcomes more effectively.

Andreas thoroughly immersed himself in the context and the target audience, engaging in discussions on various scenarios with me. He adeptly tailored his training content to the specific needs of both the company and the program participants, taking into account market developments. He delivered the training with utmost professionalism and passion.

Participants in the program, spanning Europe, Asia, and America, were enthralled by Andreas's exceptional training style. Sessions with Andreas were always spot-on, relevant, and concluded with an 'A-ha' effect. Participant feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you, Andreas, for inspiring us all with your knowledge and extraordinary training approach. It was a great pleasure working with you, and I would highly recommend you as a leadership coach without hesitation."
Jean-Marie Groppo
Jean-Marie Groppo
Country Manager
Check Point Software
​"Andy created and ran a training for my entire sales team about Business Discovery, MEDDPICC and Account Planning and the preparation was perfect.

Everything was tailor-made and built around Check Point. He ensured that he understands our business and our solutions.

He speaks our language and even his use cases and role plays were a great match with the typical situations we encounter with customers and partners. This training was delivered in a remote fashion and Andy made it great fun while keeping his audience concentrated. Of course not everything was new to someone who has been in sales for a while, and yet it was a great re-activation of things, we know we should do, and then often enough don’t do.

For my team and myself it was important to be reminded of the value and the relevance of investing more time and effort into discovery, managing opportunities in a systematic way and planning accounts strategically."
Martin White
Martin White
Senior Solutions Engineer
NetApp UK
"Andreas ran an Advanced Consulting training course for the company I work for. The course was excellent, thought provoking and proved to give us new ideas plus great reminders/refresher on tips and techniques.

Andreas has a unique style via diagrams and drawings that help to piece the training together. His attention to detail and advice are exceptional.

Would highly recommend considering using him to train your SE's.”
Massimo Cereda
Massimo Cereda
Lead Security Engineer
Check Point Software
"I had the chance and the honor to attend two times to Andy trainings. Taking advice from his HUGE experience made me a LOT better in my work and also as a person.”
Steffen Chalupny
Steffen Chalupny
Managing Director
Bevermann Consulting
"BevermannAcademy exclusively collaborates with exceptional trainers and coaches in our various fields of expertise, aiming to craft masterpieces that deliver excellent, measurable results and successes to our clients. Andreas Faltinek embodies our commitment to excellence in an exemplary and perfect manner, and it is a privilege to work alongside him.

Together, we focus on the subject of Service 4.0, where we empower service technicians from various companies to redefine and fulfill their roles within the context of their respective objectives. We enable them to act as brand ambassadors, representing their companies and serving as an extension of the sales team, all of which is a formidable task that we effortlessly tackle with Mr. Faltinek's assistance. Furthermore, we expand the interpersonal repertoire of service technicians with smart communication, de-escalation techniques, and situational, agile behaviors.

Andreas Faltinek possesses outstanding subject matter expertise, excellent insight into human nature, and profound knowledge of methodology and didactics. He adeptly and situationally deploys all of these skills during training, workshops, and reflection sessions with participants. I consider him a guarantor of successful implementation, and I am consistently impressed by the feedback from our clients and the lasting successes that result from his involvement in service-related activities.

Oh, and last but not least: Working with Andreas Faltinek is immensely enjoyable and brings a great deal of pleasure!"
Kay Bandemer
Kay Bandemer
Manager Techn. Consulting DACH
"Andreas came well-prepared through stakeholder interviews where he gained a deep understanding of our current situation and goals. He familiarized himself with our products, solutions, and typical customer scenarios, tailoring a training program specifically to the needs of our consultants. His examples and role-playing exercises accurately mirrored real-life situations.

Our consultants expanded their sales repertoire significantly. The emphasis was on the ability to dig deep, even for technically oriented professionals, in building customer relationships, creating genuine customer value, and delivering it persuasively. Insights into brain functioning and approaches to handling unique situations rounded out the training.

The learning atmosphere was engaging, challenging, and consistently characterized by great respect and appreciation for the participants. Their acceptance, eagerness to learn, and feedback were outstanding.

We highly recommend Andreas and look forward to addressing additional topics with him."
Pierre Cuinat
Pierre Cuinat
Pre-Sales Engineer
(GSI Channel)
Check Point Software
"Andreas provided me with a valuable three-day training, equipping me with essential techniques for mastering my pre-sales profession.

He possesses an in-depth knowledge of my company's domain of expertise, which allowed us to align the training scenarios with real-life situations.

His approach is well-paced, and his proficiency in virtual conferencing tools added an enjoyable, interactive dimension to the training.

Thank you once again.”
Christoph Lutz
Christoph Lutz
Solutions Engineer Enterprise Accounts
"Andreas runs professional trainings that I consider essential when working in a (Pre-)Sales role. They are entertaining, well prepared and insightful. The fact that he is adapting to the audience in his trainings in regards to which topics are more important than others shows his agileness.

I've rarely seen trainers that are able to involve all participants into their workshops and I am personally convinced that his past (working in various sales related roles in the IT industry) helps him understand the challenges we are encountering on a daily basis.

If you are looking for a trainer who helps you push your A-game, Andreas is the right man to talk to. Keep up the great work!"
Mauro Longhi
Mauro Longhi
Sales Engineer​
Check Point Software
"I attended the 'Dare to Consult' training course conducted by Andreas, organized by my company. From the outset, he demonstrated an exceptional expertise, illustrating through relevant examples and group exercises how to effectively engage with clients.

His suggestions are straightforward and easy to grasp, yet remarkably powerful when applied thoughtfully.  His course is highly contemporary and includes guidance on techniques for remote meetings (video conferences), which is not to be taken for granted.

I wholeheartedly recommend participating in his training sessions!"
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