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Empowering communication excellence

I encourage and enable leaders, sales people and consultants to do the right things the right way - unlocking their full communication potential
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These vendors and integrators have engaged my services in Germany, EMEA or on a global scale:
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Imagine your managers getting better at not being overloaded and busy all the time so that on top of driving daily business they also focussed on things that are important, but not urgent (like e.g. finally building that plan to get their whole team ready for the next thing)

Imagine your sales people just getting excellent at business discovery - identifying the often invoked pain points and compelling events more often and with more ease.

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What I do

I help managers, reps and technicians expand their repertoire. Grounded in my 20+ years of hands-on experience in all these roles, I create tailor-made learning experiences to match business-relevant real-world challenges.

They will trust me, they do not see me as yet another trainer, but as someone who knows what he's talking about because he's been there himself.

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